More horse character studies

By Victoria Byron, May 9 2017 01:23PM

Since creating the character of Tamlin, I have drawn hundreds of horses from various of angles, trying to work out the essence of what a horse looks like.

Drawing from photographs is not much good as it tends to create a static character, so I tend to draw from videos, which helps to see their movementsand I can stop and replay if I miss something. Drawing from life is best and if I see a beautiful horse in a field I stop and draw it, especially if it is a sunny day in Devon.

When I draw Tamlin I try and imagine an innocence or naivety in his nature, which hopefully comes across through his expression or posture or the way he holds his ears or tail.

Tamlin is based on a Dartmoor pony as he is quite short and fat with a long fringe and mane, and very lovable. Here are some of him in various positions.

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