By Victoria Byron, Apr 25 2017 07:41PM

I have been drawing today, which has made a nice change from the computer. I have been working on some character studies for my horsey Tamlin, who started out as an MA project, and is now turning into a book for a charity called Access2Books.

Access2Books make stories accessible for blind or visually impaired children and adults. To make Tamlin accessible he must have a black outline all around him and clear unfussy backgrounds. The story will be in giant print and include braille. It's really very exciting!

I got the idea for Tamlin from a folk song 'Donna Donna' by Joan Baez which we had to sing at primary school. It was about a calf who was led to slaughter compared with a swallow who flew away 'proud and free'. I thought it was a very beautiful but very sad song, however it gave me the idea of a horse who was trapped in a field, becoming dissatisfied when he sees a swallow who tells him about the 'wide world" outside. Luckily my story isn't as gloomy and Tamlin has his own taste of freedom.

By Victoria Byron, Mar 6 2017 11:29AM

Here is a new character for 'Access2Books' His name is Samih and he is "just the right age and height' for a new walking cane.

By Victoria Byron, Nov 3 2016 11:51AM

This is an illustration from the story of Jack the sparrow; done for 'Exetreme Imagination'.

By Victoria Byron, Nov 3 2016 11:46AM

I had such good fun doing art workshops with groups of 5 - 8 year olds, during the Exetreme Imagination Festival at RAMM. Will post the children's work when I get the photographs.