By Victoria Byron, May 9 2017 01:23PM

Since creating the character of Tamlin, I have drawn hundreds of horses from various of angles, trying to work out the essence of what a horse looks like.

Drawing from photographs is not much good as it tends to create a static character, so I tend to draw from videos, which helps to see their movementsand I can stop and replay if I miss something. Drawing from life is best and if I see a beautiful horse in a field I stop and draw it, especially if it is a sunny day in Devon.

When I draw Tamlin I try and imagine an innocence or naivety in his nature, which hopefully comes across through his expression or posture or the way he holds his ears or tail.

Tamlin is based on a Dartmoor pony as he is quite short and fat with a long fringe and mane, and very lovable. Here are some of him in various positions.

By Victoria Byron, Apr 25 2017 07:41PM

I have been drawing today, which has made a nice change from the computer. I have been working on some character studies for my horsey Tamlin, who started out as an MA project, and is now turning into a book for a charity called Access2Books.

Access2Books make stories accessible for blind or visually impaired children and adults. To make Tamlin accessible he must have a black outline all around him and clear unfussy backgrounds. The story will be in giant print and include braille. It's really very exciting!

I got the idea for Tamlin from a folk song 'Donna Donna' by Joan Baez which we had to sing at primary school. It was about a calf who was led to slaughter compared with a swallow who flew away 'proud and free'. I thought it was a very beautiful but very sad song, however it gave me the idea of a horse who was trapped in a field, becoming dissatisfied when he sees a swallow who tells him about the 'wide world" outside. Luckily my story isn't as gloomy and Tamlin has his own taste of freedom.

By Victoria Byron, Nov 3 2016 11:51AM

This is an illustration from the story of Jack the sparrow; done for 'Exetreme Imagination'.

By Victoria Byron, Nov 3 2016 11:46AM

I had such good fun doing art workshops with groups of 5 - 8 year olds, during the Exetreme Imagination Festival at RAMM. Will post the children's work when I get the photographs.