By Victoria Byron, Sep 2 2016 03:22PM

I am so excited that I won my first award for "The Voices of Future Generations Children's Book Series'.

By Victoria Byron, Jun 10 2016 02:02PM

The children had some amazing ideas for grannies.

Here are a few grannies displayed at the theatre. The children were excited to see the results of their hard work on show, as they came to see the wonderful 'Gangsta Granny' at the Northcott.

There were disco dancing, rollerskating, Youtubing, princess and ninja grannies all defying their stereotypes!

By Victoria Byron, Jun 10 2016 01:37PM

I asked the children to question some of the stereotypes that older people sometimes face, like the granny in the play, who was seen as a scrabble playing, cabbage eating, boring old lady.

Through their art, I challenged the children to change their granny into someone with an exciting secret.

Here are some of my own illustrations, and I asked the children. How could these granny stereotypes change? What could their secret be?

By Victoria Byron, Jun 10 2016 01:27PM

In February I did some workshops, with The Exeter Northcott Theatre, with local schoolchildren, inspired by a trip to the theatre to see 'Gangsta Granny', a play inspired by the brilliant book by David Walliams.

The children loved the play, including one little girl who had never even been to the cinema before.

By Victoria Byron, Jun 9 2016 11:56AM

Hello, this is my first ever blog.

Will I have many pearls of wisdom to pass on? Probably not, but here goes anyway.....